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Industrial Server

iROBO industrial PCs are based on components from commercial sphere. They are developed for the highest achievement and quality requirements for 24/7 companies.

Embedded Computer

Compact industrial PCs are multifunctional, light high-end computers which are conceived especially for the application in spatially restricted environments, e.g. embedded or mobile computing.


Ethernet controller and adaptors build bridges between RS-232 / to 422/485 devices and the network. They are available with up to 16 ports, light installation and reliability distinguish these systems.

Data Acquisition and Control Devices

An important sign of industrial controllers consists in the fact that many functions are software supported and trimmed. Advantages: best price, standard log support and easy coding.

Digital Signage

Digitally Signage systems should carry your infor­mation and adver­tising messages to the people on public places. Possible application locations are department stores, admi­nistration agencies, muse­um, or railway stations.

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Marine Grade. Some of our products are marine-grade and have passed various marine environmental tests.

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